Everywhere Ad

Rideshare advertising for small Businesses


Everywhere Ad is creating a new wave of innovative marketing…

Here at Everywhere Ad, we want small businesses to have your brand, your ad, everywhere! With the help of local Uber/Lyft drivers, we help small businesses advertise directly to rideshare passengers. Drivers and businesses can work in a reciprocal and mutually beneficial way to create a better local community and economy!


How it works

Rideshare drivers are enlisted as paid brand ambassadors. Brand Ambassadors then place a digital tablet on the back of their seat in order to be used as an advertising platform through our software. Small businesses can use this space to reach and engage with rideshare passengers as potential customers and build their businesses Passengers are able to get access to exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions that are unique to our marketing channel. Everyone wins!


Rideshare Drivers

We pay drivers a fee for them to be brand ambassadors. We help them greatly increase their income with time they already spend, and they drive around with tablets in their car as the advertising platform.



Advertisers are able to engage directly with potential customers through effective ads. They can generate leads or even make product sales on the spot! We come in the funnel wherever they need us!



Passengers get access to exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions that are unique to Everywhere Ad as a marketing channel. They gain interactivity and save $$$ around town!